02 December 2008

The Threat Posed by the Federal Reserve

My Friends,

The modern media, since the advent of 60 minutes, has taken great pains to attempt to concern you about the “oh shit! d’jour”. We’ve been shown that the world is warming, that rogue icebergs are enroute to your home as we speak. We’ve been led to believe that cigarette smoke, high levels of triglycerides, and prolifigate use of the word “fuck” will result in damage to everyone around you, and might just cause the end of the world as we know it.

I attempt no such freakout. I wish simply to inform you of something that I have recently become aware of, and rationally and calmly wish to share this knowledge with you. The individuals who appear in the following link make this point far better than I ever could, so I will not waste your time in attempting to restate their argument. I simply wish to provide you with information that may sway you to think of the Constitution, that document that many of us took an oath to defend, and clear one hour out of your schedule to listen to a very reasonable explanation of where we are headed as a nation. I normally would not ask this of you, but I think that the information that you would glean from this video will change how you think in the coming days and months before us.


I truly appreciate your consideration.


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