02 October 2011

Manifesto of the Effective, Part II

The Plight of Man.

We have become an endangered species.  However, unlike the panda, the blue whale, and the bald eagle, we are not protected.  We are men, and those who act like men are dwindling.  Being a man is not the same as simply being male, and the understanding of what it entails to be a man is slowly being lost in this culture. 

I am a man, people.  Not merely a male.  I have a deep feeling for kicking the living shit out of something.  I'm not going to apologize for it, but I am going to explain it, because it's getting lost in this society.  I've given up on the political side, and I've come to understand that you people will not or cannot get mad enough about the loss of a valid currency, the seige on your Bill of Rights, or the daily degredation of the Constitution of the United States to change what is being done to us, but I'm hoping that, after you've read this, that you'll conduct yourselves in a manner that reflects your understanding of a few simple tenets.

We've endured over the past forty-or-so years the  rise of political correctness.  This was not born of  guys.  This was born of guys not wanting to piss off their girlfriends.  Girlfriends are the reason that Titanic grossed a kazillion dollars.  Girlfriends are the reason we are forced to watch those godawful commercials about abuse of pets.  Gentlemen, we need to assert ourselves here.

The problem is this: we're a bunch of pussies.  We've lost our self reliance.  We're awash in a sea of estrogen and thus we're bound to an understanding that we have to be nice to everyone.  Sounds nice, right?

Truth is, there are stupid, irrational, and inept people.  Everywhere.  They are all over the fucking place, and their number is growing everyday.  Because of the above factors, these people are not identified for what they are, but are coddled and empowered because we have had the ability to call a "stupid motherfucker" a "stupid motherfucker" taken from us. 

"It's mean to call them that.  They're trying.  Be nice."

Fuck that.

I'm here to witness that there is a moral imperative for each of us to tell it like it is.  There is a moral imperative to act like a man and say what needs to be said.  If the effective individuals among us stand up and declare that we will no longer tolerate the douche-rockets among us, then we can get our balls back. 
And along with that, let's revel in our manhood while we're at it.  A man should get pumped during the first scene of Gladiator.  A man should get teary-eyed when Deets and Gus die in Lonesome Dove.  A man should, in his day-to-day life, not seek to be safe or comfortable.  Every warrior hopes that a good death will find him.  Live your life with abandon, my friends.  Teach your sons to do so, and be the example.  Deny safety ,  Embrace freedom.  Be what you've always wanted to be.  There is no reason not to, my friends.  We've got one shot at this mortal coil, ensure that your shot is well-aimed and on purpose.


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F'Kin A Right! - From "stupid mf-er"