13 October 2012

2016, Obama's America

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This evening, I rented "On Demand" the Dinesh D'Souza documentary about the current president. I expected a certain amount of snarkiness and catch-as-catch-can. I was mistaken. We did not know the man that ran for the office in 2008, and did not question why those in the media did not do due diligence. Mr. D'Souza's documentary, 2016, Obama's America, has opened my eyes and grabbed my attention.
Many of you remember me pledging "never again to vote for evil...lesser or greater." several years ago. After watching Mr. D'Souza's video, I will vote for the Republican Drone this year. Because the man who is in office is a threat. Like I've never conceived before.
Please, my friends, watch 2016, either On Demand or on Netflix or DVD (It will hit Netflix and DVD on Monday). It can't hurt to know more about President Obama. Love him or hate him, at least know him. This video is reasonably neutral and deals with the subject in a very objective, scholarly way. I'm begging...
Watch it.

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