30 May 2008

Bile IV

Prologue. There is a weekly cycle to all this. There really is. By Wednesday, I generally have a head of steam going with regards to the various and sundry things that piss me off. This society, this village that is the creation of the socialist media and their lap dogs, generally spew tripe faster than I can retain it all. We seem lately, as a society, to be caught in a contradiction that doesn't seem to bother most of the voting public. On one side, we are told that we are at war, on the other, we are sung to sleep by a media who seems to want on the one hand to forgive the deaths of our fellow citizens in the name of democratic fairness, and on the other to bomb those fuckers into dust. Maybe it's the Orwellian prophesy come true, maybe people are just too involved in other shit to care, or maybe, as I believe, it's that the average person on this fruited fucking plain is just too unfamiliar with the rules of logic, or the solemn face of reason, to actually apply some common sense to the messages that are being fed to them like geese being fattened up for pate`. Anyway you slice it, people out there are making decisions that are criminally stupid. Not your normal, benign, stupidity, like some idiot making a left hand turn on a busy thoroughfare without checking oncoming traffic. No, I'm talking about malignant stupidity, shit that will send this whole thing crashing down on us like my Uncle Sonny's barn.

Due to some odd quirk of fate, I seem to be immune to this common lack of common sense. I have been placed on this planet, like some sort of sick sideshow freak, to watch this shit go down and rail against it like some drunk-assed Don Quixote. Like "A Clockwork Orange", my eyelids have been taped open while I am forced to watch in stunned fucking amazement as people come to conclusions that defy every fiber of logic, reason, or common sense ever conceived by those who have created this great nation.

Fortunately, I need not do so without retort. I can bug the shit out of others willing to listen as I point this fucking inanity out. The advent of the internet has given me a forum in which I can spew venom like a rattlesnake on crystal meth. And thus, I sit, bottle of Jameson close at hand, purchased for just such an occasion, amidst children screaming violent promises of dismemberment and destruction to their siblings behind me, I am ready--utterly fueled--to deliver your...

Volume IV
Aristotelian ethics, and Fat guys in court

1) "It's not their fault, son. Their culture demands that they kill thousands of infidels". (A nod to St. Michael of Ann Arbor for providing the azimuth for this chapter). I read today, in an op-ed piece by a conservative writer named Linda Chavez, that "The NEA, with help from the American Red Cross and Johnson and Johnson Company, is distributing free lesson plans to help teachers incorporate instruction on the [9/11] terrorist attack in their regular curriculum. But the plans bend over backward not to cast blame against any group or country..." Apparently this direction was decided on by several laboratory Scopes' Monkeys who wished to avenge their fallen brethren against those who would teach them sign language. Yes, that's right, the teachers union wishes to teach your children that the nine-eleven attacks were as innocuous as the 1970 tornado that caused the vast majority of the trailer trash in Lubbock County, Texas to live in the back of their fucking station wagons. Perhaps even worse however, is the specter of self-denigration that is present in this curriculum, for it seems to dwell on "historical instances of American intolerance". It seeks to absolve these sonsabitches of any wrongdoing by pointing at the mistakes of our own Leviathan. Look kids, know this, any mistakes made by my grandfathers do not absolve a group of people of culpability for immolating thousands of innocent civilians in an office building. Period. Yes, my old man was a drunken ignorant fool. No, you cannot shoot me in the face because of that fact.

Even better, (and I love this part) this whole line of reasoning starts down a logical equation that ends with the conclusion that your ideas are no better than anyone else's. Howzat? Do those priests who display their penchant for self-gratification at the expense of school children have a moral justification for buggering simply because they are sentient humans? What kind of errant bullshit are these idiots seeking to justify here? Does their guilt at the acceptance of the designated hitter (which is clearly a liberal/egalitarian movement) and interleague play (which is just more multicultural bullshit) run so deep that they wish to validate these attacks on the sovereignty of this nation? I chalk this line of reasoning up to a culture steeped in mescaline and bell-bottomed trousers.

Linda Chavez, however, writes it off as simple misplaced tolerance. She says that "[t]olerance is a distinctly Western attribute, a value not shared in most of the Islamic world, much less by those individuals who attacked the United States last year." Chavez points out that this tolerance is most times seen as a virtue. That is true, unless you go over the edge.

Aristotle maintained that anything and everything that is virtuous could be made vicious by taking it to any extreme. He claimed that there existed a "golden mean" in which most everything is virtuous if taken in moderation. There are times when anger is called for, and times when being too angry about something stupid is simply pigheaded and vicious. There are times when dispensing justice is absolutely necessary for a man's soul, but when taken to an extreme, this same thing can result in the laws becoming arbitrary and cruel. There are even times when drunkenness is called for, as long as you don't stay up drinking until all hours while emailing insane caustic bullshit to people who are too busy to read your insanity...

In this case, the NEA has lost their everlovingfucking minds. Tolerance was never extended to the Barbary Pirates in the early part of the 19th century, because they were a buncha lawless fuckheads. Today, we are dealing with no different an animal. I won't even give credence to their cause by calling them "terrorists", for that word has a connotation that implies that some cause or other is at the root of their actions. Me? I don't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut what their reasons are. I just want them dead because they are criminals of the worst sort, just like Jefferson wanted the Barbary pirates dead in the early 1800s. They shouldn't be portrayed in the international media as being enemies of the United States either, they should be cast as cruel murderers who wish to kill anyone who does not share their beliefs. Period. War on Terrorism? It's got a nice ring, but it's semantic horseshit. This is us policing up a criminal element on a large enough scale to give Elliot Ness a hard-on the size of the Eiffel fucking Tower.

Bottom Line: the NEA, with help from the Red Cross, and Johnson and Johnson should be made to give King-Kong a hand job with a handful of creek rocks. Their idea of polite society is going to kill any virtuous desire to extract justice from these criminal fuckers. Their tripe is as vicious as anything that is pushed by the KKK, the Russian Communist Party, or the German Socialist Union. I'm not exaggerating. If this shit isn't tagged as the bullshit that it clearly is by thinking people, then it will be the end of us, sure as God made prairie dogs.

2) "He asked me if I wanted to Super-Size, so I gained 250 pounds..." I have officially fucking seen it all. Today. About 1730 this afternoon. It appears that the court system of several states are groaning under the weight of another frivolous class action lawsuit. This time, it ain't the widows of morons who smoked four packs a day, despite the fucking warnings right there on the packs themselves. It ain't at the behest of the families of coal miners who died of the black lung. Naw. It's on behalf of a group of fat motherfuckers who are actually suing fast food companies because they don't have the discipline to avoid putting prohibitive amounts of lard soaked french fries and processed meat products down their disgusting fucking suckholes. Come again? That's like ya'll suing Anheuser-Busch for me getting drunk and writing you this shit. The suits contend that the plaintiffs just couldn't help themselves, that the fast food industry made them do themselves wrong. I guess I'll sue Hugh Hefner for making me masturbate for the last twenty years. Jesus.

Gentlemen, the end is right around the fucking corner. The apocalypse is at hand. Several state civil courts are actually hearing this shit. Really. I mean, I had huge problems with these idiot smokers who blamed RJ Reynolds for selling them the cancer sticks that put 'em in the ground, I watched in bemused silence as idiot after idiot would walk through the produce section that I worked at early in life looking, actually looking, for a grape to slip on so they could sue the store, but this is just sent me over the fucking edge. Fat-asses who don't have the willpower to stop eating actually seeking legal redress, using up my tax dollars, to absolve themselves of any responsibility for being terrestrial cetaceans, acting like some human form of termite, for eating more in one day than most third world nations produce in a decade, for acting like gluttonous hippopotami. Amazing.

The fact that these hogs actually blame another for their unsightliness and ill-health is just another piece in the end-game puzzle. Does anybody think for one fucking second that the framers of the constitution created a judiciary for this kind of vapid, inane, stupid bullshit? Anybody? We set the civil courts up so the rights of the "little guy" wouldn't get trampled,(pun fucking intended). Out of a traditional sense of common fairness that harks back to early English Common Law, we saw from the beginning that those without money, without position, without power, would need representation and a voice. I think I speak with complete and utter fucking authority when I say that the framers never eeeeeeeeeven contemplated so gross, both literally and figuratively, a miscarriage of the original intent of the civil court system. The to and fro of common custom; whether it be the lawless chaos of the mid 19th century west, or the licentiousness of the late 20th century; is clearly anticipated in the founding document. It gave the legislature, the executive, and the judicial branches ample latitude to allow for changes in social mores, and more importantly, it mandated that these three branches leave us the fuck alone. However, it also clearly anticipated that the wise folks of these United States would also, in kind, accept some form of personal responsibility for their actions. Whether you are the President and you hire a buncha Cubans to steal campaign documents out of a DC hotel, or a common citizen who slaps the piss out of a surly bartender, you are expected to do the right thing and take your lumps. Simply put, it assumes that idiocy will be punished for a failure to accept responsibility. Thus, IF THESE BEHEMOTHS DIE BECAUSE THEY ATE TOO MUCH, THEN THE HERD WILL PROSPER AS A RESULT. No one will be responsible for their pathetic forms except themselves.

This is just another page out of the sorry chapter that I live daily. We have people who take an oath to do a job and then expect everything to be hunky-fucking-dorry when they renege on their end of the deal. "Why should I be held accountable?" they ask, "I can't be held responsible for the expectations of others." Wrong, assface. You are responsible for the expectations of others every time you enter into a contract. Whether it's Joel mowing my neighbor's yard, or me being a Marine Captain, we both are judged and paid by the grace of those for whom we provide services for. Guess what? If we don't hold ourselves up to that scrutiny then we get jackshit. That's why these fatasses should get nothing, because they have sat in front of the idiot box for months at a time taking no risks, entering into no contracts, performing exactly zero for the society that nurtured them. Fuck 'em. Set 'em loose in the desert between Beatty and Tenopah, Nevada and let 'em fight the coyotes for food. They have sucked the marrow out of the bones of better men for too long, let them suffer.


Immundus saecula saeculorum,Unclean

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